NATI-Y  / n a t á l i e   r o u c k o v á


Born 10.8.1984 in the historical center of Prague, life partner horsebackrider Aleš Opatrný

1999 primary language school in Prague
1999 – 2003 secondary school Prague
1999 - 2003 summer Academy in Frauenau ( Ger) : wood-carving, modelling, animation, painting 2002 – 2004 Drawing lessons by akad.mal Boris Jirků
2004 Modelling lessons by Akad.soch.Jiří Beránek
2005 – 2008 The Academy of Arts Architecture and Design Prague– Environmental Art studio, by akad.soch. Marian Karel
2008 - 2010 The Academy of Arts Architecture and Design Prague, Painting Studio – Stanislav Diviš 2010 - 2011 - finished studies at AAAD Prague, mixed media by Jiri Černický
2012 - birth of a son Patrik


2004 Exhibition in Gallery Špejchar Želkovice

2004 Logo for company with horse equipment Dance and Jump

2004, 2005, 2006 Exhibition in Prague, Dance and Jump Gallery

2005 – 2011 colective studio exhibitions twice in a year = Art Semestr Prague

2007 Exhibition in Hypological museum Slatiňany

2007 Logo for company Wine Food Market in Prague

2008 Exhibition in M&K Gallery Prague

2009 colective Exhibition Galerie Dolmen

2009 - 2010 Exhibition Palladium, Prague

2010 colective exhibition Kolín - young art

2009 - 2010 collective exhibition “young artists helping children” Hotel Kempinsky, Prague

2010 - 2011 collective exhibition “Tribute to Gustave Mahler”, Jihlava

2011 - collective exhibition “Tribute to Gustave Mahler”, Prague

2010 - Art Prague - - collective exhibition

2011 - design for limited edition of watches for company Prim

2011 - Art Prague - collective exhibition

2011 - Annäherung, Neuburg am Inn, collective exhibition

2011 - Kunst in der Fabrik, Passau, collective exhibition

2011 - Exhibition of final master work on the theme Sport & Art at AAAD in Prague

2012 - Paintings from master work exhibited in the Czech house in London during Olympic Games  

2012 - Exhibition in Wiener Neustadt ( Austria) in lake Arena

2013 - Exhibition Hay/Grass - Color generations, Novoměstská radnice, Prague

2015 - collective exhibition Czech This Art, London, England

2016 - collective exhibition Czech This Art, Prague

Sport - horse showjumping

2003 Gold medal, Young rider Championship of Czech republic

2007 Gold medal, Championship of Czech republic

2008 Bronze medal, Championship of Czech republic  

2009 Gold medal, Championship of Czech republic

2014 Gold medal, Championship of Czech republic


Natálie Roučková studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the studios of Jiří Černický, Stanislav Diviš and mostly Mariana Karel. Her education began at a young age, as she grew up with the work of her father, Pavel Roučka. His paintings are not just artwork to her, but a fundamental part of who she has become as a person and as an artist. In addition to her father, his colleagues such as Václav Bláha, Michael Rittstein, Ivan Ouhel and Jiří Šalamoun have also influenced Natalie’s views on art and daily things from her earliest years.


Despite her young age, Natalie’s artwork already displays a distinctive personal style. This style is defined in her paintings by the main color palette, as well as very simplified reliefs of horse heads painted in anfas. Horses and their surroundings are for Natalie one of the most important themes in her work, as she has competed her entire life in showjumping with her horses.


When painting, Natálie steps out from herself to experience the phenomena of the surrounding world, meeting with them on a physical plane. Her paintings are an artistic record of reality infused with vibrant and playful colors, which add to the paintings’ surreal tint. Displays of figure, either horse or otherwise, are anchored within their real relationship to the world. The paintings create a peculiar aesthetic, which is dominated by the evolution of figures on an abstract background.


Karolína Peštová 

The author graduated from the Department of Aesthetics at Charles University in Prague.